NMO represents corporate and individual parties and fiduciaries in disputes arising from or relating to Estates, Trusts and Conservatorships in California Probate Courts throughout Southern California. Probate litigation is a specialized area of law, often involving complex contests and disputes concerning wills, trusts, and real and personal property ownership issues. Conservatorship disputes relating to the personal care of elderly or disabled adults and the protection of their assets can be both complex and emotional due to the family relationships involved. NMO attorneys understand these practical issues, and seek to help our clients manage the legal issues, under difficult circumstances.

Under the leadership of Martin Nethery, NMO attorneys aggressively represent clients in Probate Court matters at both the trial court and appellate levels. NMO attorneys have successfully resolved disputes both in and out of court. They are experienced in litigating and resolving issues of interpretation of testamentary instruments, including wills and trusts; protection and distribution of assets; undue influence; testamentary capacity; breach of fiduciary duties; and related issues.

The attorneys at NMO have extensive experience handling all aspects of estate, trust and probate litigation. NMO’s practice includes the following types of legal matters, among others:
• Will contests
• Trust controversies including breach of fiduciary duty claims
• Fiduciary (executors and trustees) appointment disputes
• Fiduciary removal actions
• Investigations and challenges to accounts in estates and trusts
• Contested conservator and guardianship matters
• Undue influence and diminished capacity cases
• Financial exploitation claims
• Trust reformation and addressing trust ambiguities or drafting errors
• Trust terminations
• Creation of trusts via court actions
• Partitions of property
• Complaints for instructions and actions for declaratory judgment
• Alternative dispute resolution proceedings
• Pre-litigation negotiation, fact-finding and settlement